Monday, November 25, 2013


This week went a lot better.  I went on splits with our district leader who is an amazing missionary that is finishing up his mission, last transfer right now, and he taught me a lot.  Now we are doing more contacts and are finding at least 4 new investigators everyday!  This week has rained non-stop and my umbrella finally broke, it had gotten bent in the bags at the airport and finally the handle snapped, but I am still using it.  In zone meeting last week the leaders told us that while President Pinho was at the mission presidents meeting at the capital that they were told that now when we mark people within the ages of 8-16 that they have to go to church for 2 months to be baptized unless they have their family going or a member that helps them. So that was a little bit of a shock, everyone thought that they were joking at first but they weren't. But this will be a good change; the Lord will bless us with jovens that will stay strong in the faith.

Today we made brigadeira, it’s like a chocolate carmel thing.  You take 2 boxes of condensed milk and a spoonful of butter and 5 spoons of chocolate mix/coco.  Put it together over the fire and stir until it gets thick, it’s so good, good on bread and with cookie cracker things that they sell here.  

On the front and back of our planners we put pictures from the Liahona.  Mine this transfer are pretty good; it's one of Christ teaching in the synagogue and him knocking on the door.  Last time it was of kolob, chique-fancy.  Our house is an apartment that is in a large complex.  I think I feel now a little of what the American elders feel now.  But we finally got our desks and cloth rack and everything is going good now.  We will have a mission tour this week with Elder Mazzagardi, of the 70 I think.  

We had one baptism and 4 confirmations this week!  The work is progressing a lot here and we are getting excited for December. In the next package could you include a package of skittles?  The second counselor to the bishop likes them and is willing to trade a tie for a pack of skittles :).  

Love ya'll lots and will send some pics here in a little bit.  Thanks for your prayers; I really noticed a difference this week.  The spirit was really strong as we testified of the restoration. We had one young man ask us if what we were saying was that our church was the only true church, and we said yes with power!  Love you all!

Elder Anderson

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