Monday, November 4, 2013

Pizza, singing parrots, Little Mermaid

Monday, November 4, 2013
This week was a lot of fun.  One of the funniest things that happened was that we found a parrot on the side of the road because it was speaking really funny.  My companion taught it to sing a little bit of the theme song for Lord of the Rings and it was so funny.  Halloween passed without much happening, the most that happened was a bunch of guys in masks riding bikes down the street.  But we celebrated it anyway and bought a pizza, will send a pic, it was the best pizza ever!

Summer is finally stating!  Getting warmer and warmer, and then it rains for two days.  Got over the cold, it wasn't much, didn't stay at home, worked through it.  This week we have been singing songs in Portuguese as we walk, which is sometimes really funny because my companion likes to sing and he knows a lot of songs and so we translate songs into Portuguese and sing them.  One of the songs was "Poor Unfortunate Souls" from Little Mermaid, which was pretty funny because you can translate it a couple of different ways and it was just funny how it turned out.

This week we also helped a member in school.  There was some type of competition at the school and one of the members asked us to come because one of the things was to bring a foreigner.  So they asked us to show up at the school and to call them so that they could let us in.  Well we arrived, me and the new Brazilian, and the member didn't answer their phone, because they had a sore throat and had stayed home.  So we got in somehow and they walked me down an aisle of people and had me stand on a stage while they checked my driver´s license to prove that I wasn't Brazilian.  And they decided that I wasn't Brazilian and everyone was excited and I think I won.  My Brazilian comp was dying because it was so funny.

Yesterday we had the confirmation of the girl we baptized last week and had a couple of investigators in the chapel.  This week we took a member to the home of an investigator to give her a book of Mormon and the lesson was great, she was really excited to finally have one. English class is a lot of fun too.  It’s funny to hear them speak but some of them are getting really good.

In the next package could you send some pictures of the family?  I have the little book that you made but sometimes the investigators like to know that we have a regular family somewhere and it’s good to have a couple of pictures of your family, I still have the one we took on that one Sunday, just some other pictures would be good too.  Sounds like Halloween was fun, especially Sarah and The Book of Mormon.  And the temple trip too sounds like it went good. This is the last week in Embu, probably!  Will know Sunday if I am staying, unlikely. David looks good as a Dr. Who. Will send pics in another email.  Love ya'll!

Elder Anderson

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