Monday, November 11, 2013


Monday, November 11, 2013

This week was awesome.  Finally finished my training!  I was in the traveling group this week so I got to travel the zone.  Went to Juquitiba which is really far away and rode a fancy bus that the inside looked like an airplane and was so nice, with reclining seats!  We had a fireside last night with the whole stake, with the Stake Presidency and President Pinho.  It was incredible. Imagine two men that are almost apostles that are so excited for the missionary work and have an incredible feel for the spirit and multiply that by two!  It was incredible.

After the fireside I got a call, I am being transferred!  It isn't much of a surprise, with zone leaders you have to be transferred when your training is up.  These past 11 weeks here in Embu have been amazing, I am so grateful for the trainer that I got.  Tomorrow I will report at the mission office in Santo Amaro at 9 a.m. and find out who is my new companion.  I am a little nervous, but it will go good.  We had a surprise on last Monday, we went to the home of a brother of one of the recent converts and he told us he wanted to be baptized!  We had already taught him everything and he just hadn't been ready two weeks ago.  So we baptized him yesterday!  It was awesome.

My Portuguese is coming along great.  I understand pretty much everything when a person is talking about the gospel.  So excited to start language study and to get better.  The rest of the week not a whole lot happened, we lost one of our long-term investigators; long term is when they have a problem, such as with word of wisdom, or aren't married, which is almost everyone. So that was sad, we had been working with the family for three transfers and because they live far away and it's hard to check up on them, we lost them.

Went on splits with a new elder from England and we had a really fun time.  His area has real flavella and it was just a lot of fun, there are really great people that live in those humble situations.  Every time that we watch a movie of The District for training we are always amazed because what would be a regular sized house in the US is huge here.  It just really makes you more grateful for what you have.  We had lunch one day at the Restaurante Popular which is only $3 R, it's basically a food bank thing, like a soup kitchen, I guess.  But there doesn't exist a better way to love the people than living like them.

Your letters were awesome this week, Wow. How do you make cinnamon rolls?  Will let you know what area I am in next letter. Rach there is a song that is awesome on the piano, it’s from the movie amelie, don’t know if it’s the theme song or what but one of the elders was playing it and it was amazing.  To your question about meals, yes we have three a day; lunch is by far the biggest.  Have a couple pics that I will send!  Love ya’ll!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Anderson

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