Sunday, June 29, 2014

Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, June 24th, 2014 Elder Anderson's birthday!!

20! Wow, I´m still me! I will celebrate by going out and marking a bunch of people to get baptized.  We also had our district meeting today.  Opened my package yesterday and was way excited about the pancake mix, and so are my other companions in the house. Loved the pictures too.  I have been thinking about getting a Brasil jersey (with birthday money).  Brasil is doing pretty good in the cup, they beat Camaron and Croasia, and tied with Mexico, they will play again on Saturday or Sunday which is going to mess with our week because of yesterday and then another day without work will mess a lot of things up. But its fine, one of our housemates went to the temple with investigators and got Ephraim´s rescue so we watched that 3 times yesterday. All the schools are out for a month because of the games and they get done on the 17th of July.  

(In response to a question about the cost of fast food): The reason that some things look expensive is because it’s still in reais, divide it by half and you have the dollar value, Mcdonalds really is expensive here, don’t know why.

But this week was good.  Had one great day and the others were all right, staying at home a lot has drained us because you just sit around and do hardly nothing so we are just really tired. This week we should have a lot going on.  On Thursday our new President comes in and that will change some things.  Tomorrow we have our last leadership meeting with President P, it’s going to be good.  Got some really good people that we are teaching and got a lot of baptisms planned for the coming weeks.  Time is flying so quickly and I can’t believe it. Almost a year ago I was in the mtc.  I am sure that it will only start to pick up.

This week we entered the labyrinth in the middle of our area and that was really cool.  On the map it’s just a blank space, but that doesn't exist here, so we walked in and were in there for a good thirty minutes just getting references.  We also found some macumba (black magic spirit religion) pots with a sacrifice inside on the side of the road. The ceiling the chapel fell in the bathroom because the water box is broken and its leaking.  

Hope ya'll are doing good.  Just keep swimming!

Elder Anderson

World Cup!

Monday, June 16, 2014

So first off with transfers.  The first area of my mission was called Embu das Artes and it included another municiple called Itapecerica da Serra.  A couple of transferes ago it got divided into two zones.  So they almost sent me home (mission lingo here for first area) because now I am in Itapecerica with one of my old dl´s from my first transfer as a zl.  His name is Elder S and he is from Kansas with one year and 7 months, this is his 2nd full transfer as a zl and my 3rd, so we are both new and crazy.  We have a great zone with alot of potencial and we are going to make this place fly. We live with one of the dl´s from Ecuador and another elder from the states.  We had 3 baptisms in our area this week and 6 confirmations and I got to do 3 of them which was cool because it was the first time that I have done it on the mission.

So for the world cup every time that Brazil plays we have to stay inside, so last Thursday I think we stayed home and tomorrow too and next Monday so I will email on Tuesday.  It’s not too crazy when they are playing, every time they get a goal they light fireworks and go crazy for a couple minutes, but when they win they have huge parties and everyone gets drunk and we had a few fights outside of our house the other day.  But we are all good at home, live on the second story so we are probably safe.  They have a lot of English stuff here because of the people that come here for the games.  The trains talk English with a Brazilian accent and it’s really funny.  This week we started teaching a guy and he prayed and said that the response was like someone was talking to him, which we got really excited about that.  We also saw the missionaries from São Paulo oeste (I think means West here) because our area makes the division with them.  HAPPY FATHER`S DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love ya’ll have a great week!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Monday, June 9, 2014

Wow, this time is flying, in a week I will have 11 months! I got all excited because we didn’t get calls last night for transfers so I thought that I would stay here in Grajaú with Elder L, but during studies today the secretary called us and I am getting transferred! I think that I have a curse because I only have two companions that have stayed with me for more than 1 transfer and I have never stayed in an area for more than 2 transfers.  But I like moving and seeing new parts of the mission.  I am really excited to see where I will be going.  I know that it will be an amazing place and that I will love my new companion.  

Anyway this week was awesome.  We made cocada at home on Monday, on Tuesday we had our last district meeting and on Thursday we had a mission meeting.  It was so cool.  Got to see a couple of missionaries from my first district that got to Brasil recently, I hadn’t seen them in 10 months and they said that I looked totally different.  I found out that the elders that I trained are now training, so we got a picture of the family. President let us watch Ephraim's Rescue, it’s so sososososossosoo good.  Pres. Dalton sent a little clip of him which was really funny, he speaks really good already.  Everyone is really excited to meet him and Sister Dalton. Everyone that is leaving gave their testimony, we have a lot of my old leaders going this transfer, my trainer, my old ZL, 2 assistants, and other friends.  After the meeting we did a split with the assistants, I went to their area and had a blast.  Forgot my umbrella and it ended up raining, but it was all good.  Had stake conference too this week, it was focused on the same thing (Austin, TX stake had stake conference as well.  The theme was Hasten the Work).  On Sunday we had a special broadcast from SLC with Elder Soares and with Elders Ballard and Scott.  It was really cool.  Elder Scott spoke in Portuguese and was actually pretty good.  They sent this transmission for São Paulo and Rio.  Then we had lunch at the stake presidente's house and there was a cake 2 feet in diameter. It was huge!  This transfer will be really cool, a new president, new leaders, a lot of new missionaries and new experiences.  It rained again this week and a leak opened in the ceiling above my bed and so it got soaked and so I slept on half of the bed for two nights, but now I am moving out so not my problem ha ha.  

It was cool to see Rach's pics.  Hope everyone is enjoying the nice TX weather, sure miss it. Keep smiling and have a great week! Love ya'll.
Elder Anderson

PS the package didn’t get here yet, probably will be a while because of the cup. Things will get crazy.  The other day there was a strike at the train and the streets are all painted and big flags and it's crazy here. In three days it all starts!!!!!!!!!!  Still don't know what will happen during the cup.  

Monday, June 2, 2014

don't worry, be happy:)

Monday, June 02, 2014

This week was super awesome because I got to talk to the zone leaders of Guaripiranga, my last zone, and they told me that one of my investigators got baptized!  Don’t know if ya'll remember T, we went to the temple with him, I think that I sent some pics, any way he disappeared for a little bit and I didn't get to talk to him again and then this week I find out that he got baptized!  So that was awesome! Council was sweet too, love helping make decisions for the mission and receiving instructions from President.  Then on Friday we had follow up by the assistants and we were stuck in traffic for a good hour getting back.  On Saturday we helped in a move, it was incredible the difference that there is between moves there and moves here.  I don't know if it is because I have only know LDS moves or if it’s an American thing but we showed up and there were a bunch of guys drinking and just talking and a pile of stuff to be moved to another house on top of the other. We helped a little but then had to go.  My companion and I were at a loss about what to do, ask if we can help and they say that they are managing.  Don't know if they were talking about downing all the beers or moving the stuff.  But anyway I am very grateful for the sense of responsibility that there is in the church.  My voice got back and we are staying warm, found a suit coat that an elder left and it makes a great coat. This week I was sleeping and started hearing a ping, thought it was nothing, but turns out I have a leak almost right above my head.  Luckily we were able to get a bucket and a cloth and it’s a slow leak so that's good.  Thinking about moving houses next week.  This week there were so many times that I felt physically weak and then I received physical strength. I know that God gives us the strength that we need to help his kingdom.  I know that he is blessing our family, and will continue to do so, if we obey all of his commandments. Read scriptures and pray together every day.  Love ya'll and have a great week with graduation! Love ya'll!

Elder Anderson