Monday, August 26, 2013

This week and funny stories

Friday, August 23, 2013

Oi! Tudo Bem?
So I forgot to tell you all last week that the first Sunday that we were here I had to bless the sacrament.  Right after this I sat down and they announced the speakers.  The way that they do this is by randomly taking four peoples names and telling them without any warning.  So since we had just arrived I thought that I was all good and wouldn't have to give one.  Errado.  I was the first one called.  So without anything prepared, no notes, nothing, I get up there and deliver my first sacrament talk in Portuguese.

This week was pretty regular.  Because we came in halfway through we have a strange schedule.  The teachers don't know what to teach us and so we have learned everything twice, somethings three times.  It was nice to review at first, but now that everybody wants to get out to the field it's painful.  After you have been in the ctm for three weeks I think you get to go out and street contact and hand out Books of Mormon.  It's really fun and everyone talks about it. Unfortunately we didn't get to do it because we were late.  No one has any idea what to do with us.  Whenever we try to follow our schedule we realize that we weren't fit  into other's schedules so we don't do a whole lot.  I can't imagine if I would have had to be here for three more weeks.  My companion back in Provo got his visa so I will get to see him on Tuesday, or Wednesday. Only three or four days left, not sure how many.

Went to Campinas temple again and my companion's mission president was there with all the missionaries that were leaving this week. On Monday we have all day, literally, meetings for the orientation.  Unfortunately it is only in Portuguese so we will see how that goes.

That's so cool about Bryce.  When does he report? Churros last week were so good.  It's a little stand by the post office, you could hug the whole thing, but the lady makes them right in front of you and then you can get it filled with chocolate or dulce de leche or a mix.  So amazing.  Happy Birthday Mom!!!!!  Good luck to everyone this week starting school.  Have fun!

This week we got one of our investigators to write his own baptism date.  Our other one is really difficult.  One of the other groups asked her to get baptized, she said yes, just not in this church. That same day we went and we talked about how Joseph Smith was a prophet, she said she believed that he was a prophet and then she said that she also believed we were prophets and that the guy down the street was a prophet and that there were lots of prophets. Then we got told in class that tomorrow we only get ten minutes to teach her.  That usually means that someone is getting dropped.  They do that to everybody just so that you get the experience, but some people say it really is rough.  Our teacher is so cool and funny.  He is a convert of about 5 years who used to be in three rock bands and served in Brasil but somehow knows a little bit of English.  Our investigator's shirt who is getting baptized is a Pokemon shirt and everybody loves it.  But one thing that I noticed last time we were teaching is that the little guy on the shirt has a poke ball with the baptism sign on it, water and a arrow going into it, and he has a name tag.  Pretty funny.  Will send you pictures next time.  Don't have lots of time here.  Not sure when our p-day will be, but don't worry if its a little over a week that you don't hear from me.  Going to try the local dry cleaning today.  Hopefully it works.  How was the business trip dad?  Have fun celebrating and good luck with everything this week.
Love ya'll. Ate mais.
Elder Anderson

Monday, August 19, 2013

P-day: Campinas temple and churros

Friday, August 16, 2013

Hey there!
Elder Anderson is fourth missionary from the left
Brazil, Campinas Temple
So today we got to go the Campinas temple which has a lot of grounds and has a great view of the city of Campinas where my companion will be serving.  Luckily there are enough Americans that they do the session in English.  The ride there was awesome because it is about an hour away and the charter buses' chairs lean back and it's nice to sleep.  What's really cool is that there is a lot of forest area on the way there and today it was all foggy and it looked like the actual rain forest, wish I had had my camera, but it was so cool cause the land rises up too and makes it look awesome.  Got two Brazilian roommates this past week.  We were getting ready to turn off the lights and someone unlocked our door and come in and said he was new.  The natives only stay in the MTC for about a week and a half so he will be leaving with us.  Only 10 days until we head out!  There was a devotional from Provo on Wednesday in which Elder Scott spoke, missed it by that much.  The language is great, understanding a lot, just need to get speaking faster. A couple of times this week we have been sitting in class and we realize how weird English is.  Some words really don't make sense.  It's so much fun though.  Get to go outside today and get churros.  Pretty excited!  The time difference is about 2-3 hrs, I forget which.  Been pretty cold the past couple of days, this morning you could see your breath.  But it gets warm the rest of the day once the sun comes out.  And of course it always get really hot on p-day.  Thanks for your letters, being here no one in our district gets letters, but it's still nice reading them online, which is how it will be in the field.  I can't believe it hasn't been 6 months yet.  Each day feels like a week, but the week goes by fast.  Has Garrett heard anything about his visa? Does anyone else in the ward have their call yet?  Are you doing cross-country Meg?  Have fun at ranger camp Rach.  Dave have fun with the drum pads.  Sarah have fun in first grade and have a great week.  Lots of fun here.  One of the elders from Bolivia is really funny and calls me Elder Japan because of how my eyes squint when I laugh. He is really funny.  Have to go now, only have a couple min to get to the churros and back.  Have a great week!
Elder Anderson
ps will send pics later, they take up so much space and time.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

First p-day in Brazil

Friday, August 9, 2013

Hello again,
I don't have a lot of time, today has been busy.  Woke up at 6 today to go to the Sao Paulo temple, it's so pretty.  The Interlagos missionaries were there and it was a lot of fun talking to them because they have forgotten a lot of English. The temple is about 30 min away and the whole ride there was crazy.  Motorcycles (motos) drive where ever they want and will weave in and out.  One got so close to the car that he was only a couple of inches away.  Everything that I need I can buy here for really cheap. They have amazing prices as long as you don't buy American products.  Got to go out on the street for a couple hours for p-day.  Lots of fun.  They have a guy that engraves pictures of leather for Book of Mormon cases.  Really cool.  Our window has wooden shutters and opens right out into the city.  We are in the suburbs (baixou?) and so there aren't too many tall buildings. Don't have time today to send you the pics.  The city is so huge.  We flew over it and I didn't even see a quarter of it.  Slept forever last night and am still tired but can't do anything about that.  Love the food, real meat and rice and beans and guarana instead of coca-cola, even the signs are guarana instead of coke. The shops around here open straight into the street and you can even drive a car up into some of them.  BTW Meg- "I love you" is "eu te amo", not "emo".  Keep sending the emails.  Post office service is reliable they said so you don't need pictures of Jesus or anything and as long as it isn't over $50 it doesn't need a tariff.  but everything I need they have around here so don't send anything until I know for sure I can't find it here. They have a gate around the ctm (Brazil MTC) and you have to have a card to get in and out and they have personal security standing around the building.  It's so nice here though.  A little warm, but it's only spring.  We are on the 4th floor, but its really the 5th because the ground floor doesn't have a number so we are getting a lot of exercise going up and down.  Our teacher doesn't know a lot of English, but she is cool.  Got to go.  Will write more next week. tchao.
Elder Anderson

Arrival in Brazil

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hey everybody,
We finally made it out of Detroit last night.  We ended up staying in SLC for 9 hours and they finally brought in a new plane.  They finally got the right part put in but they found other things wrong.  We got into Detroit at 130 in the morning after getting the whole plane practically to ourselves.  We got a hotel, but didn't get to have our bags since we are international travelers.  We were back at the airport by 12pm and stayed there till our flight at 7.  The plane was huge, finally saw my first 2 story plane. I sat next to an old Brazilian lady and couldn't understand a word. I was trying to tell her that a bunch of us were together and she thought I said I was married to one of the sisters.  She was a lot of fun though to sit by, we laughed a lot. I didn't understand and she made me say I want to eat the headphones and laughed for a good 5 min. about it.  Finally got the Sao Paulo airport, changed our money, and took a tour of the neighbor hood.  Haven't slept in probably 36 hrs and haven't had change of clothes in over 48, but having great time! Food so much better. Will email again soon.

Elder Anderson
Brazil CTM

"Your travel plans have been changed"

Friday, August 2, 2013

Hey there!
Things have been great here!  We had an excellent devotional this Tuesday, one of the released 70 came and talked about missionary work, which was awesome.  
So here is the fun thing this week.  I was in a study room with my companion on Tuesday when our district leader came in and said he needed to talk with everyone in the class room.  We get in there and he has two yellow pieces of paper, which are known as travel plans, and you usually only get them at the end of the time in the MTC and it means that you are being reassigned till you get your visa.  So he hands one to his companion, and then he hands the other one to me.  It said, "Dear Elder Anderson your travel plans have been changed."  So of course I was a little confused and thought that somebody had gotten all the Anderson's here confused and given me the wrong one.  Nope.  I am being transferred this Tuesday morning.  Now for the location:  They are sending me down to the Brazil mtc, I got my visa!  I ship out Tuesday at 6:30 am. I am the travel leader for 6 missionaries.  The visas have just now started to come in.  Everyone before us has been reassigned to other parts of the states but now tons of people are getting their visas.  I was a little mad cause our district is so cool, but luckily we are all in the same mission so we will be able to see each other again.  I fly to Michigan-3hrs, have a 3hr lay over, then a 12hr flight down to SaoPaulo.  So I will be half here, and half there.  
The temple is closed till the 11th so we haven't gone yet, just to take pictures outside on Sunday.  The language is coming great, we teach without notes now and we are getting better at understanding. They say your Portuguese shoots up after you go to the Brazil MTC I sure hope so. 

Elder Anderson