Saturday, August 10, 2013

Arrival in Brazil

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hey everybody,
We finally made it out of Detroit last night.  We ended up staying in SLC for 9 hours and they finally brought in a new plane.  They finally got the right part put in but they found other things wrong.  We got into Detroit at 130 in the morning after getting the whole plane practically to ourselves.  We got a hotel, but didn't get to have our bags since we are international travelers.  We were back at the airport by 12pm and stayed there till our flight at 7.  The plane was huge, finally saw my first 2 story plane. I sat next to an old Brazilian lady and couldn't understand a word. I was trying to tell her that a bunch of us were together and she thought I said I was married to one of the sisters.  She was a lot of fun though to sit by, we laughed a lot. I didn't understand and she made me say I want to eat the headphones and laughed for a good 5 min. about it.  Finally got the Sao Paulo airport, changed our money, and took a tour of the neighbor hood.  Haven't slept in probably 36 hrs and haven't had change of clothes in over 48, but having great time! Food so much better. Will email again soon.

Elder Anderson
Brazil CTM

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