Saturday, August 10, 2013

First p-day in Brazil

Friday, August 9, 2013

Hello again,
I don't have a lot of time, today has been busy.  Woke up at 6 today to go to the Sao Paulo temple, it's so pretty.  The Interlagos missionaries were there and it was a lot of fun talking to them because they have forgotten a lot of English. The temple is about 30 min away and the whole ride there was crazy.  Motorcycles (motos) drive where ever they want and will weave in and out.  One got so close to the car that he was only a couple of inches away.  Everything that I need I can buy here for really cheap. They have amazing prices as long as you don't buy American products.  Got to go out on the street for a couple hours for p-day.  Lots of fun.  They have a guy that engraves pictures of leather for Book of Mormon cases.  Really cool.  Our window has wooden shutters and opens right out into the city.  We are in the suburbs (baixou?) and so there aren't too many tall buildings. Don't have time today to send you the pics.  The city is so huge.  We flew over it and I didn't even see a quarter of it.  Slept forever last night and am still tired but can't do anything about that.  Love the food, real meat and rice and beans and guarana instead of coca-cola, even the signs are guarana instead of coke. The shops around here open straight into the street and you can even drive a car up into some of them.  BTW Meg- "I love you" is "eu te amo", not "emo".  Keep sending the emails.  Post office service is reliable they said so you don't need pictures of Jesus or anything and as long as it isn't over $50 it doesn't need a tariff.  but everything I need they have around here so don't send anything until I know for sure I can't find it here. They have a gate around the ctm (Brazil MTC) and you have to have a card to get in and out and they have personal security standing around the building.  It's so nice here though.  A little warm, but it's only spring.  We are on the 4th floor, but its really the 5th because the ground floor doesn't have a number so we are getting a lot of exercise going up and down.  Our teacher doesn't know a lot of English, but she is cool.  Got to go.  Will write more next week. tchao.
Elder Anderson

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