Monday, August 26, 2013

This week and funny stories

Friday, August 23, 2013

Oi! Tudo Bem?
So I forgot to tell you all last week that the first Sunday that we were here I had to bless the sacrament.  Right after this I sat down and they announced the speakers.  The way that they do this is by randomly taking four peoples names and telling them without any warning.  So since we had just arrived I thought that I was all good and wouldn't have to give one.  Errado.  I was the first one called.  So without anything prepared, no notes, nothing, I get up there and deliver my first sacrament talk in Portuguese.

This week was pretty regular.  Because we came in halfway through we have a strange schedule.  The teachers don't know what to teach us and so we have learned everything twice, somethings three times.  It was nice to review at first, but now that everybody wants to get out to the field it's painful.  After you have been in the ctm for three weeks I think you get to go out and street contact and hand out Books of Mormon.  It's really fun and everyone talks about it. Unfortunately we didn't get to do it because we were late.  No one has any idea what to do with us.  Whenever we try to follow our schedule we realize that we weren't fit  into other's schedules so we don't do a whole lot.  I can't imagine if I would have had to be here for three more weeks.  My companion back in Provo got his visa so I will get to see him on Tuesday, or Wednesday. Only three or four days left, not sure how many.

Went to Campinas temple again and my companion's mission president was there with all the missionaries that were leaving this week. On Monday we have all day, literally, meetings for the orientation.  Unfortunately it is only in Portuguese so we will see how that goes.

That's so cool about Bryce.  When does he report? Churros last week were so good.  It's a little stand by the post office, you could hug the whole thing, but the lady makes them right in front of you and then you can get it filled with chocolate or dulce de leche or a mix.  So amazing.  Happy Birthday Mom!!!!!  Good luck to everyone this week starting school.  Have fun!

This week we got one of our investigators to write his own baptism date.  Our other one is really difficult.  One of the other groups asked her to get baptized, she said yes, just not in this church. That same day we went and we talked about how Joseph Smith was a prophet, she said she believed that he was a prophet and then she said that she also believed we were prophets and that the guy down the street was a prophet and that there were lots of prophets. Then we got told in class that tomorrow we only get ten minutes to teach her.  That usually means that someone is getting dropped.  They do that to everybody just so that you get the experience, but some people say it really is rough.  Our teacher is so cool and funny.  He is a convert of about 5 years who used to be in three rock bands and served in Brasil but somehow knows a little bit of English.  Our investigator's shirt who is getting baptized is a Pokemon shirt and everybody loves it.  But one thing that I noticed last time we were teaching is that the little guy on the shirt has a poke ball with the baptism sign on it, water and a arrow going into it, and he has a name tag.  Pretty funny.  Will send you pictures next time.  Don't have lots of time here.  Not sure when our p-day will be, but don't worry if its a little over a week that you don't hear from me.  Going to try the local dry cleaning today.  Hopefully it works.  How was the business trip dad?  Have fun celebrating and good luck with everything this week.
Love ya'll. Ate mais.
Elder Anderson

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