Monday, September 9, 2013

In the area

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Hey everybody,

Just wanted to let y'all know that I got to the area today.  My companion is really cool.  He is from Houston and knows the Dicksons, the Websters and the Hancocks.  The area that we are in is really cool.  It is not a very rich area, but we already taught a lesson tonight about the gift of the Holy Ghost and it was really cool. I don't understand a lot of what people say, but they seem to understand me more or less so that´s good.  We have a baptism this Sunday and a couple of confirmations.  I will send pictures when I can.  P-day is Monday.  Today we met the president of the mission.  We got dropped off at a apartment building and someone in the group thought that the mission home was on the 11 floor.  So we walk all the way up the stairs that look like Escher´s staircase drawing only to realize that it was really on the first floor.  We got there and they have an entire floor for the mission home.  It's really cool.  We ate, my old companion from Provo arrived and we went to the church.  An embarrassing thing happened though.  When I arrived at the mission home we all went to sit down and I tripped and used a table to catch myself.  The table had a plant on it and because I bumped the table the plant fell.  Luckily the plant was fake and the vase was a wooden box, but Pres. Pinho says that he will always remember that I knocked over his plant.  He is a really cool guy, I sat next to him at  lunch and he is so cool.
 We went to a church by the mission office to get our companions and then we were driven by a member for almost two hours to our area.  It's really cool where we are.  The houses are small, they don't have ac or heat.  It's cold here, could see my breath tonight.  The nicest thing in our apartment is the shower head, not even joking.  We have a meeting tomorrow and the day after that at the mission office. We get to leave here at 6:30 to ride the bus and train to the mission home.  So excited to be here.  Will send you pictures when able.  If you have any letters or packages send them to the mission office, I will get them every week or every 6 weeks, don't know which.  Got to go.  Tell you more on Monday.

Love Elder Anderson

Forgot to tell you some things.  The president said that the next couple of transfers only one missionary is leaving and 35 are coming in.  He said that this means in 12 weeks most of the new people will be trainers. Really excited.  Got to go. Almost 9. Love y'all again.

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