Monday, November 4, 2013

Brazilian Tongue Twisters

Monday, October 28, 2013
You asked a question, I think it was last week that I don’t think I answered.  Here all the houses have gates or walls around them, so you are never knocking on the door.  Instead we stand at the gate and clap our hands and shout the name of the person we want to talk to.  Usually we get the response, "Quem é?" "Who is it?" and we respond "Os missionários" "the missionaries", one or two times though people have thought that we said "mercenários" or mercenaries.  They are always confused and come to the door to see why mercenaires are at their door.

We baptized a sister of a recent convert yesterday, was so cool, will send pic.  The weather here is strange, one day it’s really hot and the next day it’s cloudy and raining and cold, and then the next day it’s hot and it just continues.  Because of this I had a little bit of a cold, but it’s nearly gone now.  This week was awesome, my comp and I were the traveling group this week so we visited other areas and did a lot of splits, in one area my comp went to the flavela area and marked 15 people for baptism.  We have a lot of people that we are preparing for baptism; November will be a really good month.  We had emergency transfers this past week and luckily I stayed in Embu.  This transfer only has 5 weeks so we only have 2 more weeks to the transfer.

We ran into a guy that we are helping Friday or Saturday, I had visited him a couple weeks ago and he has a lot of problems.  We said a prayer before we left and his son, who is maybe 8 years old I think, told his dad after we left that he had looked at my badge during the prayer and that it was shining like gold.  There truly is power in the authority that we hold and in the name on the badge, not our name, the name of Christ.  The family of three that we baptized a couple weeks ago, I baptized one of the sons, they received the priesthood yesterday!

One of the Hispanics asked to see my letter, he is trying to learn English, he asked what the picture was about and it was funny trying to explain what it was. Love ya'll! 

Elder Anderson

Here are some tongue twisters that our Brazilian comp taught us:

1. chão sujo, casa suja (say it fast, it means dirty floor, dirty house)

2. você sabia que o sábio sabia que o sabiá sabia assobiar   (did you know that the wise man knew that the thrush(bird) knew how to whistle)

3. o original nunca se desoriginaliza, já desoriginalizarem o desoriginalizado  (the original never disoriginalizizes itself, they already disoriginalized the disoriginalized)

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