Monday, November 18, 2013

Então, esta semana tinha muitas surpresas

Monday, November 18, 2013
Então, esta semana tinha muitas surpresas. Translation:  So, this week had a lot of surprises. Last Monday we got to our house, made lunch and decided to take a nap.  Half way through the nap we got a call from the Assistants to the President, it was for me.  I picked it up and the Assistant said, "Elder Anderson, after much prayer and fasting you have been called as a Trainer.  Do you accept?"  Of course I accepted and I was really excited and so was my companion.  So this is really rare that something like this happens, a person that finishes training being called as a trainer, only one other Elder had it happen this transfer.  

So Tuesday came and we loaded up our bags in a member´s car and headed to the mission office, not the mission home, and received our new assignments.  The AP´s stand up on the stage of the stake center behind the office and call out the names, "Elder Anderson, will train, and open a new area in Palmares!"  WOW.  This transfer we had so many new areas opened, one has 3 new areas!  We also got 2 more AP´s! So now there are 4 AP´s.  My new companion is Elder ______ from ______ in the north, he has an accent that is a little difficult for me to understand, but I am doing better.  He is a member of almost 3 years and is 22.  When we arrived in our area we didn’t have beds yet, but that was fixed, now we have bunk beds, we also are living with 2 other missionaries, one from my group in the mtc here in brazil and the other is an elder that will end this transfer, I met him the first week in the mtc here at the temple, he is really good.

Luckily I was put in a zone that got to go to the temple this past week, it was great to go there and spend time with the other elders.  We have so many elders here in the mission.  And the ward and stake here are really good.  The stake and ward are almost ready to split and it’s only been 3 years since they split.  The bad thing about opening an area is that you don’t have anyone to show you around and you don’t really have any people already lined up to teach so this week has been really difficult for me to adjust to the new area and new companion and to finally take control of everything, luckily my companion is really good and has a great spirit. Please pray for us, to help us find people that are prepared to hear the word.

Was great to hear from yall, hope all is well,  will send picture of temple.  I got the package, was perfect timing, thanks so much.  I think that it might be a good idea to put some little pictures of Christ or nossa senhora aparacida- a saint here, I think someone looked in the box, I don’t think that they took anything, but just to be safe.  Could you send me the address to McKay?  Love yall, thanks for the stickers, my comps thought that they were pretty funny.  Love yall, have a great week.

Elder Anderson

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