Monday, August 11, 2014

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Monday, August 11, 2014

I loved reading the e-mails this week.  Looks like things went great in Utah.  So glad that ya’ll made it back safely.  This week was crazy for all of us here in the zone.  My companion had his birthday on Monday, so we had a party, made the cake that yall sent.  We can now say that we closed a church on our mission.  Went to go teach an old guy that takes care of a church.  He let us enter and see it and when we were leaving we shut the door.  Effectively closing the church, haha.   Tuesday we had a district meeting and after lunch we got a service project of painting a member´s new snack place thing in the garage.   On Wednesday we had a special meeting with Presidente about baptisms and how we can have more. After the assistentes came up to me and my companion and told us that Pres. wanted to talk to us.  so we waited and he took my companion aside and talked to him, and he came back, and took me and said that he was going to put the two zones in our stake together again and make one zone, my comp and I would be emergency transferred to other áreas, he would continue as a zone leader and I would helping another missionary adapt.  So that was cool, just that we couldn´t tell anyone.  The rest of the day was hard accepting all that would happen, I was only in that ward 3 weeks and my comp. 4 months.  We kept acting like everything was normal.  Had the biggest lunch of my life.  The missionaries were talking since the first day about this sister that makes a ton of food and keeps putting food on our plate until you die.  We went there and I escaped death because I hid behind another elder that looks like me, so I was great and the others were having trouble walking, haha.  Anyway, went on a division with the other dl, found another pizza place to teach, speaking of which the pizzaria that I was teaching in my last área got baptized this week!   Sunday we let the other missionaries know what would happen and we packed. Today we went to the office at 730 and I got my new companion and am now in Primavera Interlagos, and my old comp is my zl! So excited to be here, opening área again! SÒ ALEGRIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love ya'll tons, pin drive broke so I will send fotos next time. 

Elder Anderson

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