Monday, September 1, 2014

New companion

Monday, August 18, 2014
This week was great!  We worked really hard trying all that we could to get new investigators.  Saw peacocks in the road the other day walking around, that was cool and a couple of people stopped us this week telling us that they wanted to go to church!  Saw a recent convert from Noronha on Tuesday, she studies close to the chapel where we do district meeting.  Basically this week was just getting to know the area and the people.  The church is really nice, opened in February and it's really big.  We live next to the train so going places is really easy.  There is a sister from Amarillo, or some place in north TX,  so that's cool.  My comp is from Colorado but he was born in Honduras.  He has 9 months on his mission and served in Oregon for 8 months. The last elder in my first MTC group got his visa so he is coming down soon, so that will be really cool.  My companion knows Spanish so we have been speaking Spanish some times and I am getting really good with Spanish because it's really close to Português.  He is having knee therapy so we have been going into the city a little and it is so cool. The buildings are so nice,  buildings with 2 story apartments, with a giant window and a big arch on each floor. Will take pictures because its nice.  I have been getting really good at cooking.  Made grilled chicken sandwiches the other day and last night I made pork chops.  Have a great week sending Rach away and getting ready for school. I'ts going to be great! Love ya'll!
Elder Anderson

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