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Monday, July 28th, 2014

So I got transferred, along with the rest of the mission, literally all the companionships were changed, and I ended up in a great ward-Parque Santo Antônio! A lot of the old leaders got changed and put as trainers or as cuidadors.  I am with Elder K as a zone leader still, we were both made zl at the same time, he is from Nebraska, and we are a lot alike, having a great time with him and the other two elders in our house.  This area is really cool, it has a giant favela called 'communidade fim da semana', which means weekend community, and it is huge.  My comp has been here for 4 months and still hasn’t walked all of it.  We got a really cool investigator that is stopping with almost everything in the word of wisdom.  But he has a lot of desire and even wants to serve a mission! We had some interesting lessons this week with less actives.  The craziest was an old lady that had tons of visions and had received revelation from God that she needed to leave the Mormon church for the Brazilian Christian congregation.  When we said the prayer to leave she went and got a veil to pray because in that church the men and women sit apart and the women use a veil when they pray.  So that was interesting. 

We got 14 liters of milk from a lady in the ward, no one at home drinks it so we have been trying to give it away, and finally found a family that was needing it and it was cool to hand over to them, they were really grateful.  We met a possessed guy living in a hole, literally this week, totally thought that he was going to attack my companion, but he didn’t.  We had a giant party on our street this weekend, it was actually right outside of our door, and they had a huge stage and sounds system and lights and it went until 5 in the morning for 2 nights, but now it’s over and they just got to clean up all the sin.  Besides that I have a slight cold, it’s been quite chilly lately.  But everything has been going great and this will be an amazing transfer!  Love ya’ll and have a safe trip up to UT!

Elder Anderson

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