Monday, February 24, 2014


This week was awesome!  First off I got to go on splits with my old trainer, Elder Gillespie, and we did so much.  That day in District meeting we decided to use the extra time that we have (now that we don’t have practices) to contact 100 people!  The whole zone was super excited and we went to work, and we did it!  Only 3 groups did it, me and my companion, the ZL's and the sister AP's, but this week we have crazy goals to do 3 times as much as we usually do!  It’s totally possible, and we will succeed! Please pray that we have success and the strength to do everything that we need to.  I heard from the ZL's and the sister leader trainers that Saturday there would be a special meeting at the temple with a member of the 70 and only ZL's and higher could attend.  I was pretty disappointed because it’s a meeting with all 5 missions of São Paulo city.  But I just accepted that I wouldn’t be going.  Then on Friday at lunch I got a call from one of the AP´s calling to say that President Pinho was giving me a special invitation to go to the meeting!  It was incredible, the 70 was Elder Evans and he was great, talked about how we need to focus on all the parts of our purpose and focus on families that can progress for eternal life.  I took so many notes, it was 3 hours of just sitting hearing everything in English and then in Portuguese-which made my head hurt a little bit- but everyone was wanting him to just keep going, I know a little of how the inhabitants of the Americas felt when they didn't want Jesus to leave.  We are getting ready for Carnival, I don’t think that here it gets bad, President always jokes that for Carnival Satan rents an apartment in Rio and in Bahia and just stays there for a couple weeks.  But here I don’t think that anything different will happen for us.  Just another day, more or less.  We are all happy and getting tans here.  Sorry that photos aren't being sent, these computers don't have a way to send pics.  Love you all and look for opportunities to share the gospel.  Love ya!
Elder Anderson

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