Monday, February 10, 2014


Monday, February 10, 2014 

This email is late because the LAN house lady didn’t pay her bill and her place got closed temporarily.  We had an awesome week, I found out that the Olympics are happening when we arrived at a member´s house and he was watching them.  Totally forgot.  Had transfer calls yesterday and I was transferred along with the comp of the other elder.  My comp and the elder from my group will stay here.  I will still be DL of the next group.  We had to go to the stake center every day this week to do practices because they don’t want us out in the heat, haha. But this week was the only week that we had lunch on the other end of the area so it was hard every day going there, but we did it anyway and will be blessed for it.  I will be sad to leave this area, there are lots of great people here, but I am excited to see where I will go.  I am really pressed for time, still have to pack some things and only have 30 min.  We have a member coming at 8 to grab the bags to take them to the office; at least it’s really close.  I hope that some of my friends from my mtc group come this transfer. We met a painter and he is so cool, he is so amazing and creative, but he has a problem believing that God loves people and that he is responding to him, but his house is so cool and he loved church!  The other elder that is leaving with me lost his cards, but they might have arrived already and if they did he is going to buy pizza!!!!  Yeah, we celebrate everything with pizza.  Nothing crazy happened this week was a normal week.  Took zone pictures so I will email those to you next week.  The zone leaders had an experience this week trying to find an investigator that they went to the supermarket and used the PA system to call for him.  They always have crazy things happening because one of them is leaving this week, so he is going crazy.   That’s crazy with how much school is getting canceled. Love ya’ll lots and will send some pics next week, this week I don’t have a whole lot of time. Love ya’ll and stay warm and healthy!

Elder Anderson

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