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Monday, February 3, 2014

This week was great for two reasons, didn’t rain, and I got my shoes fixed.  Oh and we had baptisms!!!!!!!!  First off the shoes, they were falling apart so I went to a sapataria to get them fixed, luckily the guy is a member and so I gave them to him and was going to pick them up on Saturday.  Saturday comes around and I get a call from the other elders in the neighboring area that were at the church for a baptism.  The member had seen them passing and gave them my shoes to give to me.  He fixed up all the holes and put a new sole on!!!!! So happy. :)

This week we also had another new missionary training, because President wants everything well trained and ready for the new Pres to arrive in June.  Can’t believe that it’s February, passing so fast here.  My comp is doing a little better but still is a little sick, and still don’t know what it is. Transfers are next week and we are all excited to see what will happen because the other new elder in our apartment will train so at least one of us will leave the area, I think that it will be me or my comp.  We have 7 ZL´s leaving and a couple of DL´s and I think one of the assistants, so it will be interesting to see what will happen.  We will gain 100 missionaries in 6 months worth of transfers and pretty soon the majority of the mission will have less than one year and the majority of that will have less than 6 months, so my group will have a lot of leadership opportunities really soon.

Did the interviews for a couple of people this week, that were amazing, the people here are so open to the spirit and when they learn of the gospel and actually do what we ask they receive the answers they need.  I did the interview of one young woman who hadn’t yet been to church but wanted to get baptized yesterday, I asked her how she got an answer, she said" the elders told me to read and pray and that I would get an answer and I did."  So simple but so powerful. It’s wonderful to see the difference that the gospel makes in the lives of people here.  They change so much, even look different after they are baptized.  Baptized this young woman and the mom of some recent converts, was such a good week!!!!

Looking forward to this month, the Lord will bless us and try us but I know that everything will work out for the better.  Hope that school is going well.  Stay warm and healthy. Are the missionaries working in the cold?  Feed them well, I miss home baked things, but it’s all worth it in the end.  Love yall tons, te amo! chão!

Elder Anderson the beautiful because I cut my hair!

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