Monday, February 17, 2014

7 months today!

Monday, February 17, 2014

7 months today!!!!!!!!!  Found that out right now.  This week was awesome, first of all I got my package that has the memory stick.  And secondly I got transferred.  On Monday night we were joking that I would be transferred to the last area of one of the missionaries in our group and that I would train his friend.  Well, he must be a prophet, because it happened!  I was transferred to JD. Ângela in the Guarapiranga stake!  And to make it so much better my trainer is the zone leader! This will be so much fun!  I am finishing the training of a missionary from Oklahoma. His name is Elder              and he has one less transfer than me, but was serving in Washington for 3 months.  The other elders in the area are great too. One of them is from Boston and was waiting a visa in Provo for one year! The other is from the north of Brasil, called Bahia.  He has a year and 7 months.  I am also the leader of the sister leader trainers They are really cool and I already have worked with them a lot.  Had a great meeting on Wednesday and learned so much, also found out a little bit more about President Duncan, actually pretty excited to meet him, he seems really cool.  President Pinho has a lot of respect for him and really is trying to get the mission all ready for him to arrive to make sure that the change is all tranquil.  I will be really sad to see President Pinho leave, but the Lord prepared President Duncan to help this mission and it will be amazing! The ward here is amazing.  The Bishop has been serving for 8 years and does a great job, always willing to help.  The ward needs 3 more men with the priesthood to divide the ward!  This is our new goal and the program for March is "Families of Zion" and every dupla should get three families so we should split this ward easily!  Have a lot of investigators that are amazing here. So ready!

So excited to be here! The pizza here is the best of the mission.  It’s called Donatello’s, after the ninja turtle.  And the pizza is huge, if you remember the picture from Halloween with the border exploding, it’s like that every time here.  You eat 2 pieces and are good until lunch the next day.  But we don’t gain any weight because it’s up hill both ways everywhere we go, and yes it’s possible, I found that out.  This will be a great transfer.  Glad to hear that everyone is doing well and that valentines went well, doesn’t happen here, forgot about it.  Pray that we can find 3 families for March and that our investigators now will be baptized.  Love ya'll so much!

Elder Anderson

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