Tuesday, April 1, 2014

So....what you doin this week?;)

**Editors disclaimer:  The editor left a few of Elder Anderson's spelling and grammatical errors in this one. We're taking it as a sign that he's full into the Portuguese language!  Also, there are some missionary terms here that I didn't know.  I asked Gary about "grandkids".  He explained that it refers to the missionaries that you train becoming trainers themselves.

Monday, March 24, 2014

To answer your questions: the money comes every half month, on the first and the 15th. I buy things to make spaghetti, tapioca-not the pudding, and bread with ham and cheese, or pbj-which grilled is really good now that I have pb! I will be good on pb for a while, I don’t use a whole lot, just for sandwiches.  

This week I tried something new, it’s called tapioca and it’s like a tortia but it's sweet and you put a bunch of stuff in it to make you diabetic and eat it.  I have only had it once and seen it made once too, out the back of a car.  But since this was the last district meeting I decided to make some for everyone, it actually went great.  It is really easy to cook and makes alot.  I will make some when I get home, if it exists there.  Then on Saturday we had a meeting with the zone where we got our zone t-shirts.  They are so cool.  Elder Gillespie had a shirt one day and was looking at it and it was a converse shirt that had "I (converse sign) brazil" and he said that we should do one that has "I (baptism sign) brazil". It turned out really cool, has the Brazilian flag colors and our names on the back. 

An hour later we had a meeting with all the leaders of the Ward where we took 2 hours and talked about how to work together, was really good, we are really focusing on this now that our Elder from Utah, who was there for a year, is here.  we were walking that day and we came around a corner and had a drunk guy smoking a cigoret-i have no idea how to spell it-and he got something stuck in his throat and hacked the biggest luggy ever right at my comp's feet and he got so scared, he ran up to my comp and was saying, I’m so sorry, and gave him a hug, but it was funny because my comp is really tall and the guy was really short.

Then on Sunday we were getting all ready for transfer calls and we had a meeting with our Ward mission leader at the chapel, and he was joking about how we were going to get calls. But I already had a pretty good idea of what was going to happen because I talked with President P on Wednesday about transfers.  Towards the end of the meeting, the phone rings. The Elder I thought would leave is being transferred, to be DL.  Then my phone rings, it was the executive secretary.  He told me to put the phone on speaker, so I did and he said elders you are both transferred, which was not what I was expecting, I thought that my comp would stay here to train, nope. But my area will get the all’s.  So that was fun, then we took pics and talked and then the phone rang again and I was called to be ZL and my comp will train and open an ├írea!  Elder G was transferred too but he will be a DL because he is ending his mission, but now he has great grandkids, and I have grandkids!  I think I know where I will go, and who will be my comp, but I won’t know exactly what will happen till tomorrow and the Elder that is here will become dl of sister ap's and the zl's. Haha, he doesn’t know yet, it’s a surprise. haha.  I also found out that another kid of my first family got baptized and his girlfriend! Tomorrow our ap leaves, he is the only one, and 30 missionaries get in, I think that Elder F from TX and from my group will arrive because I saw his name at the office! Hope so. Feels like Christmas, because its cold and I am anxious for tomorrow.  So excited!.  Love ya'll have a great week!

Elder Anderson

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