Tuesday, April 1, 2014

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Monday, March 31, 2014 

GRAJAÚ!!!!!!!  When I was working in Palmares two transfers ago I was to the side of grajaú, and now I got back!!!!!  In a couple areas of the zone I can see my old ward and zone, haha.  My comp is Elder F from Brasilia, Federal District.  It’s the capital of Brasil.  His 19th birthday is on Sunday and he has one more transfer than I do, and he is related to President P.  He was a little sick this week so we got to do some traveling to the center of São Paulo to go to the hospital.  I found out that the Elder that I trained, Elder B, was called as a DL!!!!!  It was so cool seeing him again, and my old companions from Palmares.  It was hard leaving Jd. Ângela to the zone leaders but I hope that they take care of our investigators.  Here we had a couple of baptisms this week which was really cool and I am starting to get to know the people in my zone.  My comp from the CTM Elder H, was also called to be Zone Leader.  We got new secretaries and opened 2 new zones.  Our mission in the last 6 months has gotten 120 missionaries!  This is unheard of.  I think that my friend Elder F is in the CTM here and will enter the mission here this week or next.  I am so excited for Conference; it’s like Christmas for missionaries. President said that we have to watch it in our native language, and it will be at the stake center because projectors here are rare.  We are trying to move out of our house.  This is the first time that it’s just me and my comp in a house and it’s a little weird, but we will get a bigger house and maybe some new house mates.  I am loving being here and am really getting good with Portuguese, loving it so much, it’s so cool. It makes sense now and English is weird for me.  We had a counsel on Thursday and we have a great new plan to make everyone excited.  We finished the month with 228 baptisms!  but we are shooting for more.  We are really seeing alot of opposition in the mission, Satan is really trying to destroy our work, but we are beating him and still having great progress.  Hope the week is great for everyone, love you all and enjoy conference.!!!

Elder Anderson

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