Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Rain and Dreams

Monday, April 14, 2014

This week was great, lots of cool experiences.  The new house we moved into was going great until it started to rain on Saturday night.  We were without umbrellas and 30 minutes of fast walking from home so we just took the rain.  It was really cold and when we finally got back to our house we realized something, the house leaks.  The roofs here are strange sometimes, they are flat and hold water, and so you have to do some things to the roof to get the water off.  This house doesn’t have these things as we found out on Saturday.  We walked in to the house to see water leaking down the walls.  But we were so tired that we didn’t do anything about it, mainly because we can’t do anything about it.  But we went to our rooms and tried to sleep.  Right as I was falling asleep I hear a dripping sound next to my head.   I thought that it was a drip that was on the other side of the room that I already know was there.  But I held out my hand next to my head and felt a drop, then on my leg-another.  I moved the bed over and put down a towel and slept, luckily the rain soon stopped.  But it is really cold now; it’s getting ready to change to winter here.  In 4 days I will have 9months!  

The work is going great, this week we are really trying to get more families involved in the work.  We have a program called, let the ward catch fire, or something like that. It’s focused on getting the families all excited to help.  We were supposed to have a training for the families yesterday but we got called to a special meeting with the Stake Pres. and the Bishops and ward mission leaders.  It was a cool meeting but it lasted a long time.  

We finally got our new set of elders.  The new elder is really cool and was in Michigan for 9 months, he looks like a cross between AJ and NT.  He is from Utah, Cottonwood Heights or something like that.  He knows SW because he was in his ward at BYU and lived on the same floor as me in the dorms, but I never got to know him.  It was cool to find out that we know some of the same people.

This week we talked with  alot of people that are receiving answers through dreams. We have one investigator that dreamed that someone arrived at his house and told him our message was true and another that he dreamed about Joseph Smith, and this is after the first lesson and no one remembers his name here because its hard to say but this investigator knows his name, and he dreamed that Joseph Smith changed the world in a way no one thought possible, it was so cool to hear his experiences and to see his faith growing.  

YC sounds like it was incredible! I want some pics if ya'll have some.  That’s great about Rach and prom, that´ll be fun, who is in the group?   How is the rest of the family? I loved Elder Holland’s talk and have been listening to it almost every day and Elder Rasband’s too.  I love the talks that they gave.  Hope ya'll have a great Easter!  

Love yall

Elder Anderson

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