Monday, December 23, 2013

Time is flying

Monday, December 16, 2013

Hello Family!!!!!!!!
Hope that everything has been going well, getting ready for Christmas and for the first part of school to end.  I loved the pics of Bethlehem, that’s always a part of Christmas that I really love, especially the bread.  This week was really good, a little weird with Monday being more or less normal and then having p-day on Thursday, but it was a lot of fun to see my friends from the other zones and to talk with them for a while.  On Saturday we had a baptism "festa", baptized 3 for our ward and on Sunday baptized another, will send pic.  We are having a lot of fun in this area; the members are helping a lot, giving us references of their friends and family that aren’t members.  Two of the baptisms were NTM which means that not everyone is a member in the family.  What’s nice about Brasil is that almost everyone lives in family here.  They have a plot of land and have tons of houses that are all family, so we just go from one part of the family to the other, so nice.  After the baptisms they had the Ward Christmas Dinner, but we have a rule in the mission that we can’t stay, we have to go work, so we only got leftovers handed to us yesterday.

We are getting ready to end this transfer, can’t believe that next week is Christmas, doesn’t seem like it at all, so weird. But we are trying to find 5 more people to baptize before the end of the transfer. This week we already found a couple NTM´s to baptize this week and are trying to end our Christmas Program strong.  Luckily it didn’t rain this week, but that just means that it’s going to come this coming week.  Tomorrow marks 5 months!  I am excited already for this coming transfer; I think that I will stay in this area for a while, up to 3 more transfers. 

Friday the 13th passed without anything bad happening; in fact it went really good, because we ordered 2 pizzas and had a party.  Thank the Hancock’s for the flashlight and the small pocket knife that they gave to me, they have come in handy the past couple of weeks with the power being unreliable.  Hope that everything is going well with the grandparents and rest of the family, tell them I said hi!  Good job to the kids with school and with sports and band and cooking and everything else y'all are doing.  I have been feeling the Spirit so strong here, there are lots of people that have been prepared to receive the message of the gospel, and this country is amazing!  Love you all and can’t wait to talk to y'all next week!  
Elder Anderson

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