Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year

Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas was great, getting to talk to ya'll and getting a new tie and batman shirt!  After we left the house of the member whose computer we used, the bishop stopped us and gave us two Christmas cakes called pantone.  So because the pizza shops were all closed we ate cake for dinner.  We had a big mission meeting with everyone in the area of the old mission office, where everything is really fancy.  Was a lot of fun.  Yesterday we had three baptisms and a devotional.  Was a great day.  The only hard part was saying bye to our district leader. Because only four people are leaving this transfer, and the other three are ap´s, our area is without an official DL, so until further notice I am DL.

Our area has the largest population density of churches in the world!  This week we used our Christmas Eve and morning to go sing at the local bus and train terminals, it was a lot of fun but my voice is starting to get a little sore.  Wednesday is p-day and Thursday is transfers, we are excited to see what will happen.  For New Year´s we don’t have any plans besides working. Sorry this letter isn't very long, talked about everything in our talk for Christmas; let me know if ya'll have any questions about Brasil, I would love to talk about them.  Love ya'll tons and wish the family happy new years!  Love ya'll,
Elder Anderson

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