Monday, December 9, 2013

Speed up the Work

Monday, December 09, 2013

So we got a call last night saying that we are going to the temple this week so p-day will be Thursday, not today, but we still got to write email!  This week was great.  On Monday we had a mini-hurricane here and it was crazy, I have never seen so much rain in my life.  It was impossible to see the other side of the street.  Lightning hit a tree at the end of the street and it fell on a power line, so we got to use candles for a couple days in our apartment which was actually pretty fun.

We had three baptisms this week!  Two of them are an older couple whose kids have been being baptized one by one. They were Catholic, but now all of them are being baptized here. Their baptisms were really nice, but we forgot to turn the water off and it spilled into the hall a little.   Happy Birthday Dave!  I remembered last Monday that I forgot to write you, I was pretty mad with myself.  This week we also had Training for New Missionaries.  My companion did a really good job, we learned a lot.  Also the package came!  Already ate the sour patch and one of the jelly beans, with the help of the other elders of course.  Thank you for your letters, and for the nativity, and pics; they are on my desk where I can see them.  My comp is really excited for his two packages, but we will wait until Christmas to open them.  It doesn’t feel like Christmas at all, really hot.  

This week will mark 5 months that I started my mission,  looking back on these months I have had the opportunity to see how God has planned out everything.  It’s been really cool to be able to see how he planned everything with the visa and my training to prepare me for where I am now.  I got to see a little glimpse of what he has planned, and it’s going to be incredible. President Pinho said that when President Monson said to Speed up the work that Satan was holding a general conference of his own, and said the same thing.  President said that in his two and a half years here he has yet to see so much trails and persecution as now.  Satan is really trying to bring us down, because he knows our potential.  We cut a lot of our investigators this week because they weren´t progressing, it has been hard but we know that the Lord will lead us to those who are ready to hear the gospel.

Thanks for the package and the presents, in the next two weeks we should know more about skyping.  Will let ya'll know.  Stay warm!  Love ya'll; say hi to the rest of the family for me!  
Elder Anderson

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