Monday, January 13, 2014


Monday, January 13, 2014

Brazilian cereal!

Notice the missionary tag on the Batman logo:)

Hello everyone, right now it’s raining really hard outside and hailing sideways. The power has already gone out twice now, so I am trying to write this fast, so sorry if there are a lot of mistakes.  This week was awesome, we only had one dupla in the area the whole week because I had meetings. One of the new elders got sick and couldn't leave the house until we took him to the hospital last night, but now he is good and should be normal tomorrow.  We had an amazing Sunday, we had a missionary Sunday.  We planned the whole thing, had great testimonies from some recent converts and then I talked for the rest of the time, which wasn’t enough, because the bishopric gave me a paper that said "your times up", first time I have ever gotten one of those.  totally saving it. :)

We also had 2 baptisms yesterday, they went great..  The district is awesome, going to do some miracles this week to find some baptisms for the sisters in the other area.  Found out that next transfer 7 of the ZLs will leave.  We will get so many new missionaries in the future that it will be normal to have 3-4 duplas in every area.  Also found out the name of our new president, President D, from California, he served in São Paulo.

This week I was on splits with the zl and I ripped my shirt on barbed wire, so now I am going to learn how to fix that:)

(answering a question I had about The Book of Mormon):We teach a lot from The Book of Mormon while trying to use the Bible to back it up.  People are really open to The Book of Mormon, we have some investigators that explained the book for their friend, and it was really cool.

All the things that are happening at home sound good, that’s a lot of basketball.  I can’t believe that Sarah will be 7, that’s crazy.  That’s funny that she wants tortilla soup, I miss banana cake, it’s been so long.  I got a Christmas letter from the Howards, tell them thanks.  How is the rest of the family doing?  Has anyone gotten mission calls in the ward, any announcements?    Will send some pics, it's finally working this time.  Love you all lots and have a great week, pray the baptisms will work out for the sisters.

Elder Anderson

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