Monday, January 20, 2014

Oh yes!

To answer the questions first, a dupla is two missionaries. And the shirts are holding up great, the rip is from some barbed wire, but I can fix it.  And I haven’t been sick besides a little cough that I had a few weeks ago, other than this I have been great.

This week went great, had our multi-zone conference on Wednesday which was so good and after it we went to the office and got fans for the house, finally, it’s been a month since our fan broke, so now we are sleeping so good.  It’s been raining off and on this week, it seems like it waits until right after lunch to start.  This Saturday we had the wedding of one of our investigators, they are so cool.  They love the missionaries so much and are showing us their friends and family.  One of their family members was supposed to get baptized yesterday but she changed her mind at the last minute, but she will be baptized next week.  But after the wedding we went to our favorite açaí store and bought the biggest one they had, a big pot of happiness.

One of our recent converts had an experience this week.  On Sunday her daughter went to a party with some friends.  On the way home two cars blocked their way and guys with big guns got out of the cars.  The daughter remembered that her mom was taking the lessons and was being baptized that day, and so she prayed for help and at that moment the police showed up and caught all the guys with guns.  Everybody in the car would have died, but this mother was blessed for her decision to be baptized and everyone was saved.

It’s incredible the stories that we hear.  I am getting so good at walking fast, this Saturday we were a little lost in the sister´s area because as DL I have to do splits in all the areas during the week. So it was late at night and because it was my first time there I didn’t know how to get back home.  So we asked someone and she said that we were really far and that we should take the bus instead.  We just smiled and said that we would walk.  So we started on our way and it only took 15 min to get where we wanted to go.  I am getting so good at climbing hills, my first area helped a lot.

I hope that Sarah’s birthday went well, that’s so funny about her magic 8 ball, where did she get that idea for a present? Have fun on the break today, have a great rest of the week, pray that our 3 baptisms can happen this week.  Love ya'll lots, say hi to the rest of the family!

Elder Anderson

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