Tuesday, July 22, 2014

More pizza

Monday, July 14, 2014

Wow! I can’t believe that this week marks one whole year!  This week was crazy because we had to stay inside three days because of the games, which was not fun.  Got a minor form of pink eye on Saturday, but I got healed.  My companion had his birthday on the 19th and a couple of members made cakes for him, which was great.  We have been trying a couple of new things on our food lately.  I have always liked a thing called farofa and farinha on my beans, but this transfer I have started putting pepper on my food too.  This week got to extremes when we took the actual peppers out and put them on our food, that was painful, but funny.  This week we got a reference of a family that has a pizza shop and we heard that they were really good. So that very night we followed up about the restoration pamphlet and ordered a pizza!!!!  Found a couple of people legally married, which doesn’t happen here, so that was sweet.  Rained for the first time in a month and that was cold, but got a good umbrella and jacket here so I stayed dry.  I finally finished my blue journal that I have had since 2006 and started the red one.  I am down to one pair of shoes now.  The first ones got so bad that I had to get rid of them.  It looked like I was wearing a green house because of the mold that was on them because it’s so wet this time of year, but the new shoes are great.  Baptized a young man in a family yesterday was pretty funny, got to go, more next week!

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